JavaScript performance testing tool –

2 Mar

 jsPerf is an online tool which allows performance testing of JavaScripts. We need to place the script code on the text box they provide and done.   Also they allows to compare the performance of two code snippets. Try visiting … Read More »

Add excel macro to Quick Access Tool

9 Feb

 Problem: I have created few macros in different files. Now to access those macros, always I have to open the files and click on the button to run the macro. Sometime even I was making mistake, like I wanted to … Read More »

How to find the number of rows in a worksheet using Excel VBA

3 Feb

 Problem: How to count the number of rows that are non blank or used in a worksheet using Excel VBA? or How to find the number of rows in a worksheet using Excel VBA? Solution(s): Suppose there is a column … Read More »

Convert large numbers to text using Excel VBA

24 Dec

 During one of the project, I was trying to read a text file content and place them into the Excel workbook. I was able to get all the text file content to Excel file, but later I came to know … Read More »

Import test cases to Test Rail using Excel VBA

7 Nov

 We were thinking to use TestRail for our project. But the only problem we were facing was to convert our existing test cases in excel (xls) format to TestRail XML format.¬†We can import test cases to TestRail using XML format … Read More »